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The following testimonials are from folks around the country who are experiencing amazing results from this procedure.  Read and enjoy.


Sharon O'Hara  using EFT with a golfer

It was a big success!! I snuck away from the hospital for an hour with my therapist friend, and she got a bucket of golf balls on the driving range about a mile from work. She picked out 4 of her favorite clubs and set up a base line by hitting 4 balls with each club, "messing up" about 2/3 of the time. She defines messing up as not hitting it straight or very far. Then I did EFT, and she immediately started hitting the ball farther and straighter. I did more rounds of EFT before each new club, and her drives continued to improve. She "messed up" about 1/4 of the time. She was amazed. So was I.

We had fun. She agreed to write my first testimonial. Of course, the true test will be on the golf course. She's never broken 100, which is her goal--her average is 110. But she's going to practice on her own a while, because I'm going to be real busy for the next month.

Sharon O'Hara

Hi Everyone,

After posting Sharon O'Hara's golf experience, Kate Orr asked back channel for a more detailed description of what she did with her "golf client." Sharon responded with the following details.

Hugs, Gary

Hi, Kate.

Ok, what I did was very simple, since, of course, I'm making it up as I go along. My friend picked out 4 clubs (her choice as to number and kind of club), that were supposed to send the ball different distances. She then hit 4 balls with each club to establish a base line. We called each stroke "good" or "off" just for simplicity. (Next time I would probably write these down. Or have three categories: really good, average, off). I asked her what she wanted to improve, and she said, "hitting it straight and far. I asked what she wanted to concentrate on first (keeping in mind Gary's dictum about aspects and focusing on one thing at a time).

Then I modeled tapping using the sore spot first: "Even though I have this tension about hitting the distance, I deeply and profoundly accept myself." 3 times. Then tapped from eyebrow to under arm in basic EFT fashion 2 times. I didn't do the 9 gamut or finger points. Then she hit 4 balls with each club. With each new club I repeated the simplified EFT sequence. Sometimes I threw in a few of the new points I learned at the seminar: top of head, inside of arm above the wrist, inside of leg above the ankle. Once I arm-tested her on "I want to lower my golf score" versus "I want to stay the same." She tested strong on "I want to lower my golf score" so PR was pretty good, but I did it almost every round anyway. She noticed right away that she was more relaxed, and a couple of times when she "messed up" she said, "I felt myself tense up right before I hit that shot." No apex problem as she really did get better fast. Said that it was her best day on the range. And we weren't really keeping track that well. Hope this helps. Use your intuition. And ask your client what might be keeping him/her back, if they had to give a reason emotionally. (My client said "being tense, wanting to be perfect.")

Good luck, Sharon O'Hara


Here is my experience with golf. It's also an experience about my own self-confidence. I'm doing things since meeting EFT I never imagined I would!

I had some time a few days ago between appointments and decided to just drop in at a nearby golf course to see what it's like (I'm not a golfer or an athlete of any kind). The people working there were quite friendly, and one person volunteered that "the pro is a lousy putter." I asked if he'd introduce me and if I could quote him. Yes and yes. I told the pro I could help his putting, mentioned something about accupressure meridians, and asked if he was game to try it. We went to his office for a few minutes of introduction. I wanted to explain "roots" and "beliefs" as used in Larry Nims' procedure.

So we were out on the green in short order. (I could hardly believe we were walking out there, this young golf pro and grandmother-type nongolfer, to tap 'n putt.) We established sort of a baseline. I didn't get very specific and write down numbers. Basically, he hit a lot of balls into the cup in 3 and occasionally 4 strokes from 13-16 feet. He verified that he was putting this day about like he usually does. Then we tapped, and as he addressed the ball but before he hit it, he said, "I'm very calm." I checked with him occasionally, and he reported he was consistently calmer than usual throughout this entire experiment, as I called it.

We treated eight or nine separate times, especially paying attention to overshoots, because he identified being quite sure it would take two to get it in the cup when recovering from an overshoot. By the time we quit, he was getting putts in from 13-16 feet in two, sometimes one try, and the second of the two-hit ones he called "gimmies," which I learned is when it's so close you just use one hand on the club to tap (!) it in. So he said he was very pleased.

There was an especially interesting phenomenon. At one point from 13-16 feet, three balls in a row (the number of balls he consistently did as sort of his set before he'd pick them up and go again) rolled over the edge of the cup in exactly the same spot. We were amazed, tapped, and then two went over the same spot again (on the right rim) and one went over the corresponding spot on the left rim. We tapped and then two out of three went straight in from 13-16 feet: one hit, shot, putt -- whatever you call it.

He's playing a tournament this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out. He said he's going to work with me again. I suspect he was very excited about what happened but wasn't showing it much that I picked up on, so I'm not sure how to read it.


"Just before each shot have the golfers tap the EFT Shortcut Sequence (EB through UA). This takes 7 seconds to do and doesn't hold up or impede the play of other golfers on the course. This will usually serve to remove subtle tension in the body. Some golfers may find it more effective to do the tapping only when they feel self doubt about their next shot. Forget about the Psychological Reversal correction, the Reminder Phrase and the 9 Gamut procedure for now. They take too much time and are too "strange" at this stage. Use them later to further improve results. Your only goal at this stage is to relax any tension that may be in the body and that may interfere with an otherwise smooth shot. Thumping on these points (without saying a thing) each time will likely do this. Just tell them it is an "emotional relaxation technique."

"5 to 8 out of 10 golfers should get noticeable, if not dramatic, improvements."

On 3/15/98, Marie Green reported on helping a golfer. She did Dx and treated him for PR, collarbone breathing, and used a 3 point tx she diagnosed. The next time he played, he shot under par for the first time in his life. Apparently Marie treated him once and he did not repeat the tx on the course??

3/16, Leslye Caulley reported on her experience with helping a golf pro with his putting game. She mentioned that he treated himself 8 or 9 times, apparently for mistakes made while putting. 3/16, Linda Hamm reported on treating herself for negative self-talk, correcting PR, then tapping. She reported doing very well on the driving range.

3/17, Sharon O'Hara explained in detail how she treated a golfer on a driving range. She (the golfer) wanted to hit it straight and far. A baseline was established with 16 shots using 4 clubs. They focused on distance first, "Even though I have this tension about hitting the distance, I deeply and profoundly accept myself. 3 times. Then tapped from eyebrow to under arm in basic EFT fashion 2 times. I didn't do the 9 gamut or finger points. Then she hit 4 balls with each club. With each new club I repeated the simplified EFT sequence. (She also muscle-tested for PR (not a problem).. .) Said that it was her best day on the range." Sharon suggested asking your client what might be keeping him/her back.

3/23, Gloria Arenson reported on working with a golfer on a driving range. She also had him hit 16 shots with 4 clubs to establish baseline. She had him rate each shot on a 0 - 10 scale. After teaching him EFT, he hit 16 more shots. Gloria didn't elaborate on how EFT was used, but reported dramatic improvement.

I tried to test these various ideas and reported the results in my 4/4 post. I had 6 golfers and 2 got noticeable improvements. My volunteers were on a driving range. I had them do the setup on the first three tapping points. They shot 12 - 15 shots (their choice) with a 6 iron to establish baseline. Following Gloria's lead, I had them rate each shot on a 0 - 10 scale. Per Gary's suggestion, I had them tap before each shot. I suggested a setup phrase on "tension" but they were encouraged to tap on whatever was getting in their way. See my 4/4 post for details.

4/5, Anthony T Smith gave some ideas on treating golfers. "I think some of the areas I can help her with EFT are:

- to learn how to control her anxiety before a game of golf;
- to learn how to remain focussed when she needs to;
- to learn how to regain her positivity when she looses it during a game and her thoughts turn to "I can't win this";
- to learn how to stay focussed when some of the older players/more experienced players attempt to "psych her out of" her game;
- to learn how to regain her cool when she gets angry about a poor shot;
- to know how to relax between shots but be able to fire up her focus as she approaches her next shot."

4/5, backchannel, Robert Yourell suggested considering the work I did to be the treatment, rather than the time to measure the results of EFT. He suggested checking their scores in a week, or longer.

4/5, Gloria Arenson suggested checking out if there are any other troublesome thoughts or feelings they are carrying onto the golf course...things from their personal life that can intrude or create stress in addition to the stress of doing well on the course.


Jack Eason Rowe, PhD

Bob Matzinger, a Sale Rep from Houston,  was golfing with his boss, at least twice weekly.  It was a stiff competition for them both, with bets on shots, holes, etc.  Basically the boss had to make sure he was better than Bob to feel confident.  I started talking with Bob about EFT for some other issues, when we decided to try it on the Golf to alleviate the tension he was feeling on the course.  Bob started at the Driving range, quickly moved to the putting course,  and on his first outing with the Boss,  he noticed dramatic improvement in his ability to perform around the Boss,  he shaved three strokes off of his game at this point.   Click below to get your training videos, and be on your way to better golf.

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