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Thank You for visiting my site.  My hope is that you will find the information here beneficial to not only your golf Game,  but any other areas in life that you would like to expand on.  If you feel stuck,  give this technique a try.  EFT  Emotional Freedom Technique.  

As you know, there is technique involved in Golf.  However, there is also individuality, style, comfort levels, and most of all YOUR preferences.  What my desire here for you is to experience first hand your own success in Golf improvement, without a GURU, a gadget, or anything else except Your desire to play, and enjoy the journey along the way.  Enjoying the journey is first and most important goal of mine for you.  Below you will find the EFT protocol to learn and use,  with a couple of testimonials from others, and from my first hand experience,  and also a testimonial from one of my good friends  Bob Matzinger,  who improved his game from a 96 to an 84 in a matter of days.   The explanation is as clear as I can make it with my knowledge base,  and I am open to any and all feedback to improve this site so that others can benefit as well.   Please use this information for your enjoyment,  and if you experience success, or not, feel free to share with me.  I will try to answer all inquiries, as my time allows.   Peace to you All and have FUN  GOLFING.



  • Instant pressure relief.
  • Instant focus on your game
  • A more natural swing
  • A shift from trying to implement your techniques, to actually realizing the results.
  • A positive outlook on the game in general
  • Immediate improvement in you overall score.


Dr. Roger Callahan, a pioneer in the study of energy therapy began a process whereby one could interrupt negative emotions by tapping on certain meridian points in the body.  Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer has perfected this Technique and has called it EFT.EFT web site   You can visit his website by the link below.  The basic premise is that a thought produces an electrical charge in the body; when a person starts to feel anxiety, frustration etc. while focused on the problem, they can use EFT to interrupt the electrical charge and are free to focus.  Having used this technique extensively, I have seen and studied remarkable results, not only in peoples golf game, but other issues as well. 

Gary Craig  Developer of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Over 5000 years ago in ancient China it was discovered that our bodies have meridians, or pathways, through which energy flows. Thousands of years of studying these energy pathways has led to the understanding that imbalances or blockages in the flow of energy can result in both emotional and physical disturbances.

EFT is Energy Psychology based on the knowledge of these energy pathways. It combines the gentle tapping of acupressure points with the psychological “tuning in” of the problem. It can be described as a cousin of acupunture, however, no needles are involved. Clients learn to balance or unblock their energy system through a simple tapping sequence. Incredible as it may seem, this simple procedure releases energy blocks and the negative symptoms they cause. Often the changes occur immediately and are permanent. Clients who have spent years in traditional psychotherapy find amazing results in as little as one 15 minute session. Others with chronic pain have found relief when nothing else has worked. EFT has been known to generate results far beyond those of conventional methods, because we are working with the body’s energy system, the root of most symptoms.

EFT has been used at the Veteran’s Administration and has been proven clinically effective with many Vietnam war veterans. On-going clinical research is being conducted to document the astounding and lasting results of EFT. Specifically, a comparative study of EFT vs. other conventional methods has just been approved for publication in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Hundreds of case descriptions on a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues can be found on the website. EFT web site   Go to the eft course link below.

Henry Altenberg, MD
Daniel J. Benor, MD
Bill Bergman, MD
Irene A. Cohen, MD
Sandro de Rosa, MD
Judith Friedman, MD
Lillian Gross, MD
Myron Koch, MD
David Lake, MD
Gary Peterson, MD
Eric Robins, MD
Curtis Steele, MD, ABPN
Raul Vergini, MD
Patricia Carrington, PhD
Christopher Hegarty, PhD
Dr. Alexander Lees
Cheryl Richardson, Author
Nancy Steele, PhD, TSTA


EFT web site


Familiarize yourself with your Karate Chop Spot,  that fleshy part of your hand as seen in the Picture to the left.


The chart above is the full protocol.  However for Golf purposes lets simplify the procedure so that you can do this on the golf course without drawing attention to yourself, and get the benefit of improved performance.  For Putting or Driving Range, this is my suggestion.  First of all for ,  hit or putt a few balls as you REGULARLY do, until you are comfortable with the feeling that you are performing at your level of potential.   While gripping your club, start massaging your Karate Chop spot  while saying out loud,  "Even though my golfing is not where I want it to be,  It is OK".  I suggest saying it about three times.  The illustration shows you where the finger tapping spots are.  Then after you have done that,  Tap your index finger about 7 times while saying "my swing is better", two times.   Tap on your middle finger "my swing is better", two times.  and then Tap on the pinky spot about 7 times while saying "my swing is better".   Now, go ahead, tee up, and hit the ball AS YOU NORMALLY DO.  Do the procedure again, and hit the ball again. Just do as you usually do,  but do that procedure first.    That is it.   I know that this can be done in about 10 seconds,  and usually cannot be detected as anything unusual on the course,  especially as you get comfortable with it.  Remember,  have fun,  and don't get too technical with it.  Let it flow.

The EFT Course

If you would like to order Gary's tapes you can by visiting his Content Rich  web site.  He also has a free 79 page book that you can download for free, along with other fascinating free reading for you.  On one tape, Gary goes along with his son, as he plays golf,  and chronicles him improving his Golf score in just one round of Golf.   Share YOUR success with your friends and colleagues.    Feel free to email me and talk about a specific issue that  you might have.  I would love to hear from you.  batorp@grandecom.net  

Also feel free to visit the following web site for some free tips on golf techniques to improve your skills.

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